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Solubilization Technology

Solubilization of the key substances

Our German-Swiss partner offers a key technology, which creates liquid carrier solutions, solubilisates, based on its own technology. The solubilisates transport the respective active substances in an ultra-fine distributed micelle structure. This is possible by employing technology that encapsulates the respective substances in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous units in the form of product micelles. Nature provides the example and the basis for this: micelles with diameters in the double-figure nanometer range can be found, for example, in milk or hens' eggs.

The human organism is also continually producing micelles to render the fat-soluble substances, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, absorbable in the body. This is the basic prerequisite for fat metabolism or fat digestion. The solubilization technology translates this transport system in nature (= micelle) into industrially useful solutions (= product micelle). The ingredients necessary for the manufacture of the solubilisates or the micelles have been known for decades in the industry and are well established. In doing this, the substances transported in the product micelles remain chemically completely unchanged. The technology is transporting the respective substance by intelligent encapsulation according to Nature's example.

The product micelle is stable with respect to pH and temperature and has a diameter of approximately 5 - 20nm. Here, where microemulsions and liposomes prove to be problematical and unsuitable, the product micelle represents the optimum solution in the fields of nutritional solutions for cell and bacterial cultures. The 100% watersoluble micelle can be integrated directly and independently of recipe characteristics into final products in the quoted fields. The micelle is proving to be an optimum carrier system of hydrophobic substances for a higher and faster intestinal and dermal resorption and penetration of active ingredients.

Scientific tests prove the high dermal penetration and intestinal resorption of micellated active ingredients. Fat-soluble active substances, such as Vitamin E, Curcumin etc., are resorbed with the aid of bile salts and enzymes via micelle formation in the small intestine. However, this process is associated with low bioavailability of the relevant substances. Due to X-Lab micelles, the physiological mechanism of intestinal micelle formation is bypassed and consequently, a much higher bioavailability is achieved.

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