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Principles of combinations of the single therapies

The treatment concept involves a combination of some different natural processes with the pH-Transformation Therapy as the centrepiece idea, supported by heat applications, oxidative therapies and the photo-selective elimination strategy (PDT).

During the HIFU ablation of focused ultra-sound energy, the tumor area is totally destroyed with precision; the hyperthermic on the tumor area is warmed by a capacitive coupled electromagnetic field energy and infrared-A-application to the entire body; dietary ideas are utilized using the latest in nutritional research to increase the success/survival rate to upwards of 80%. We combine these core therapies with other methods to ensure that the cancerous tissue is completely destroyed. Overall, we are talking about the merits of high synergy development among the individual therapies.

We combine our core therapies photodynamic therapy, hyperthermia, ph-transformation with other methods to ensure that the cancerous tissue is completely destroyed. Therefore, we have to consider the following ranking for the design of the individual therapy programs.

In our Internet presentation all our programs are only “theoretical” standard program and serves as an orientation to the interested patients. We created program standards from “Short Program”, “Minimum Program” up to “Premium Program” and thus we are able to take into consideration the different budgets of our patients.

Program Overview
1. Short Program (4 weeks, 16 treatment days)
2. Basic Program A (4 weeks, 16 treatment days)
3. Basic Program B (5 weeks, 20 treatment days)
4. Optimum Program (5 weeks, 20 treatment days)
5. Premium Program A (7 weeks, 28 treatment days)


Therapy Timing

The timing of single therapies, especially the planning of treatments that have to run simultaneously, is a task that requires great care and attention from the medical staff.

Example of a Treatment Plan for Day No.3

High synergy development among the individual therapies Simultaneous course of the main therapies

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