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Myco Therapy

"For almost every illness there is a specific fungus to heal it…"
Healing with mushrooms - mycotherapy - is one of the oldest and most proven natural treatment methods. Its origin lies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here medicinal mushrooms have proven effective in the treatment of many diseases for many centuries: People and animals can be holistically healed and the causes of diseases can be eliminated. The effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms is also supported by numerous scientific studies.

Medicinal mushrooms help us to become and stay healthy and vital, providing for a vigorous life full of energy. They are rich in valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. Medicinal mushrooms have been proven in their application for many ailments, and even serious illnesses: for example, in cancer, allergies, digestive disorders, and skin inflammation. Medicinal mushrooms can even be used for typical affluent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, gout, dyslipidemia, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In Asian countries, where medicinal mushrooms are traditionally applied, many cancers types do not even exist. Medicinal mushrooms also assist us in detoxification. They ensure that our immune system remains powerful and in balance. In addition, they unfold a cell renewal effect.

In Western countries, symptomatic treatment is most commonly the operative method. Mycotherapy, however, aims to recognize the causes of disease and eliminate them. It focuses on understanding people holistically in spirit, soul, and body. In addition to alleviating or eliminating the symptoms, this is of central importance. As individual as the causes of a disease can be, so specifically are medicinal mushrooms administered.

Cancer therapy with medicinal mushrooms

An excellent supportive therapy method is medically effective mushrooms. They have the ability to detoxify the body, remove excess cell toxins and dismantle inflammatory processes. They also have an exceptional regulatory effect on the immune system. They are able to prevent vascular neoplasms (the building of new vessels) that would be necessary to supply a tumour. And they can initiate the suicide program of the cell, without which the tumour cell would live forever.

Even when, due to chemotherapy and/or radiation, deterioration in blood formation occurs, mushrooms are very effective. Disorders in blood formation (loss of red and white blood cells), fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hair loss or mucosal damage may be consequences of conventional medical treatment. Through medicinal mushroom therapy it is possible to strengthen the healthy tissue and thus to protect them from the side effects. Strengthening is particularly important just after and during chemotherapy, because the cell poisons used damage not only tumour cells, but also healthy tissue and blood formation. With the use of medicinal mushrooms, exhaustion as a result of lack of red blood cells or an increasing immunodeficiency through the loss of white blood cells can be counteracted. Furthermore, with the help of Agaricus blazei murrill (ABM), for example, a swelling of the spleen, as occurs in leukemia or lymphoma, can be reduced.

"No side effects after a total of twelve chemotherapy sessions. A parallel treatment doesn’t take place. My oncologist at the university hospital Frankfurt is informed. She has no concerns." This is how Mr. B. K. describes his experiences with Reishi, Polyporus and Hericium with his colon cancer with metastases in the liver, lungs and lymph system.

With a lack of red blood cells the patient suffers from a reduced oxygen supply to the body, resulting in decreased capability. Reishi, for instance, increases the oxygen saturation of the blood, so that this lack can be counteracted and the patient feels vital. The Reishi medicinal mushroom is especially applied when the tumour is located in the liver or lung tissue. Here the affected tissues are primarily those that have a high rate of cell division, such as mucosa and bone marrow. Here a detoxification with mushrooms is very important! Medicinal mushrooms contain polysaccharides in high concentration. Therefore they are particularly effective for the regulation of the immune system in tumour disorders. In addition, they promote the regeneration of the bone marrow and thus the formation of blood. Via the lymphatic system many toxins are transported from the body tissues into the blood vessels, and then excreted by the liver or kidneys. In addition, the lymphatic system plays an important role in the immune system. Congestion in the lymphatic system therefore leads to an overload of the organism with toxins and thus also to an additional burdening on the immune system. Therefore, in the case of cancer the proper functioning of the lymphatic system is of particular importance. This is especially the case when, in the context of the tumour, lymph nodes have had to be removed, whereby congestion and lymph accumulation can easily arise. These should be absolutely eliminated by implementing a holistic therapy, for example with the Polyporus fungus.

The Coriolus medicinal mushroom is mainly used for hormone-dependent tumours such as in breast and prostate cancer. With cancer diseases, the digestive tract is often also afflicted. This can pose a problem, since the intestinal mucosa has a significant impact on the stabilization, regulation and the development of the immune system. Here immune cells are formed that not only remain in the intestines, but also spread through the bloodstream. The Hericium erinaceus mushroom is used to strengthen the gastric and intestinal mucosa. Even if there are tumours in the stomach or in the oesophagus, this mushroom can be used.

Mrs. G. R. from Petersburg writes to us: "Since 1970 I suffer from diabetes type I, and I also had a breast cancer surgery in 2004. I take three ABM medicinal mushroom capsules per day and have a good general condition. The laboratory values are to the complete satisfaction of the physician. I'm hopefully completely healed."

Many cancer patients feel very weakened at least temporarily. This may be due to the tumour itself or to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The physical weakness often also transforms into a feeling of not being equal to the challenge. Fear of what might come as well as dejection can be the result.

This makes it clear how important the emotional processing of the disease is. The Cordyceps mushroom is used to strengthen the body and spirit. For anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and despondency the ingestion causes a mood brightening. Only a strong and healthy mind can support the body on the path to healing. In addition, through its strong connection with the kidneys and adrenal glands this medicinal mushroom has a great influence on the adrenaline production and regulation during constant mental stress and also acts favorably on tumour conditions in bladder and lungs.

Mushrooms with proofed anti-tumoral effects

At this point we would like to point out that not all fungi that can be used for cancer have been listed here.

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