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Herbal Program

Cancer Herbal Program

In our cancer therapy unit concept we use mainly Asian herbs, whose amazingly high effects have been scientifically justified and tested clinically. Thanks to the cooperation with the WHO, and with Thai and European Universities, excellent quality standards are now available in Thailand. We concentrate on a selection of 7 different, extraordinarily effective herbal plant preparations and are therefore in the position to complete the biophysical cancer procedures effectively.

1. Murdannia Loriformis
The effect of this plant has been well-known for thousands of years; with great success it is used with malignant or beginning tumours as well as with bronchitis (chronic).

2. Curcuma Longa
The Curcominoides contains good anti-oxidative characteristics; it restrains lipid peroxidation and oxidative DNA damage. In addition to that, Curcuma has anti-inflammatory characteristics and the anti-tumour effects of Curcuma are emphasized.

3. Vanon
This fresh rhizome has been traditionally used for hundreds of years for all kind of malignant diseases, especially blood cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach and intestinal cancer, prostate cancer, urinary cancer, adenoma and brain tumours.

4. Bösenbergia Rotunda
Bösenbergia has an anti-tumour impact, is cramp-solving against beta-streptococcus mycosis, and has an anti inflammatory and fever-lowering effect.

5. Momordica
All studies report anti tumour and anti-inflammatory characteristics. The application with cancer is well-known because the plant has a number of proven cytotoxic materials.

6. Thunbergia Laurifolia
Thunbergia Laurifolia works in a strongly anti allergenic fashion and has the advantage over synthetic anti allergic-like anti-histamines in that it does not have the typical side effects. Furthermore it has a strong liver detoxification and liver protective effect.

7. Ganoderma lucidum
Ling Zhi contains vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, magnan and germanium. More important are the other ingredients, namely the polysaccharides and Triterpene, which have a highly therapeutic effect on several chronicle diseases. Scientific research in the USA and Japan has determined that the Ling Zhi has a strong effect in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol level, and also has an anti-thrombosis effect. Long term clinical studies shows the pharmacologically proven effects in cases of: cancer, coronal heart diseases, hyperlipidemia, allergies, chronic bronchitis and hepatitis.

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