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Cancer Strategy


Although cancers are various and individualized, the anti-cancer therapies currently available tend to be standardized and seldom address the unique characteristics of a particular patient's tumor.

These therapies can be thought of as carpet bombing; the target is sometimes hit but often it is not, or only to a limited extent, because cancerous cells tend to be well-armed against attack and, worse yet, the therapies do considerable collateral damage to normal tissue.

Consider that behavior of wildlife in captivity may tell us more about their captivity than about their life in the wild. In parallel, it is difficult to test anti-cancer drugs in a petri dish. To get a better sense of cancer's real vulnerabilities, one must have the cells grow as a tumor in an animal; a human being.

The same holds true for the functioning of the immune system. One can take blood samples and count, for instance, the numbers and percentages of T-lymphocytes and correlate the numbers with function but to study the function of T-lymphocytes, the researcher should observe the T-lymphocyte directly when it unfolds its immunocompetent function in the organ tissue in situ. Therefore, in the Matryx Cancer Centers, not only immunocompetent cells are counted and identified through surface markers, but function tests are also conducted to document cell functions and the possible improvement of function, both during and after therapy.

Other treatment modalities target life style changes. Attention is paid to nutrition and possible supplementation with vitamins (anti-oxidants) and trace elements. Other life style changes may include increased physical activity, like cycling and walking (jogging), and exercise under the guidance of an instructor. Adjacent to, and in collaboration with, the clinic, there is a well-equipped fitness centre where patients can receive expert instruction on how, satisfactorily, to increase their physical fitness through various forms of exercise. As a result of thorough clinical research in the field of psycho-neuro-immunology over the last fifteen years, there can be no doubt that there is a delicate but powerful interaction between the functioning of the psyche, or the soul, the brain and the immune system.

Therefore, it is paramount that a patient, who has been diagnosed with cancer or any other life-threatening disease, is supported in coping with the situation with social and psychological support by counsellors and psychotherapists. Such measures may include participation in support groups, workshops, curative eurythmy, art therapy, etc. Therefore, the Matryx Cancer Concept is new and highly innovative, since it integrates traditional Western academic medicine with novel therapies paying significant attention to the needs of patients and the characteristics of the tumour itself.

The concept of our cancer therapies has always been a mystery to cell biologists. Gene and Immunology experts are preoccupied mainly with the micro cosmos of biochemistry and its connection with the origins of cancer in previously healthy individuals, or with why whole cell communities in the body lose their initial purpose and start behaving in a destructive manner. Notwithstanding the fact that these biochemical processes are extremely interesting to the observing medical professionals, they are quite irrelevant in terms of therapy solutions for cancer patients.

The up to date and valid cancer therapy concepts of today are based on two major analytical philosophic pillars:

  1. Evolution Biology
    Over many millions of years the development of the human race has taken place in relatively stable conditions. As civilization has advanced, these conditions have dramatically changed. They have not only influenced nutritional elements and the quality needed for life sustaining energy but they have also massively influenced the transport of these elements and their transformation into kinetic energy via the activity of the muscles. Additionally, we are now dealing with a number of environmental influences on the human body, which has undergone minimal change since the Stone Age. These are:

    1. Physical / chemical agitation of the sensory centers (e.g. light, acoustics, pollution)
    2. Over-stimulation of the sensory centers through social conflict generated by the proximity of large numbers of people working together in relatively confined spaces
    The human body is not designed to compensate for such complex disturbing factors, which extend their influence to the smallest units of the body, cell tissue. This core element of the body, the cell, is not being served adequately and does not always receive the right signals; the energy flow is disturbed and eventually interrupted, so the human body becomes ill.
  2. Disharmony and Lack of Balance
    In a well-functioning biological system we expect all elements to operate in harmony with each other in a beneficial manner. Thus the Heart and Brain work in sympathy influencing the circulation of Blood and the Lymphatic fluid in the body, which are the key elements in the efficient functioning of an individual cell. A rhythmic frequency of impulses stimulates healthy tissue which contrasts with tissue which is out of sync with the harmony of the rest of the body’s tissue; and the result is illness. Such illness is mainly caused by disjunctive processes over extended periods causing chronic conditions which ultimately result in irreversible damage to key tissue forming organs or body elements. These chronic ailments are mainly caused by an unrestrained negative life style or damaging environmental conditions that cause such a massive imbalance in the body that it can culminate in the possible emergence of benign or malignant tumour tissue.

Thus, we can define chronic disease as the result of a bundle of processes at cell level displaying a high degree of disharmony with the rest of the body. The ultimate emergence of possible Cancer Tumours, therefore, is the result but by no means the cause of the situation. The Matryx Therapy Concept is based on the processing of these factors via a three-pronged approach.

This facilitates important physiological functions to be increased and optimized, such as cell metabolism and natural detoxification processes, while simultaneously reducing destructive elements such as inflammation and pain, which are the combination of self-generated as well as external poisonous materials and create psychological stress that is counterproductive to therapy. The elimination of cancer cells through our biological-integrative therapy concept is a contemporary and highly sensitive issue. We assume that therapy acts not only on degenerated cells but also on cell groups with a disturbed genetic structure that adopt every conceivable development, survival, and camouflage strategy during the process. As we know from evolution biology and genetic research, genes have only one task; to survive and spread.

Even in the 21st century, prevalent methods are still equated with the "sword" (surgery), "poison" (chemotherapy) or "bombs" (radiation therapy). Despite their use of the most sophisticated technology, are the equivalent of mediaeval methods and are not particularly successful.

Our combination of seven therapies, well adjusted to the Patient’s particular needs, starting with high-tech medicine, which includes “reduced” chemotherapy and radio therapy, and surgery, leading to proven natural elementary approaches and procedures. This makes an effective, synergistic contribution to therapy in an innovative manner which will, if applied on a wide scale, lower the cancer mortality rate by at least 60%.

Several Scientists of distinction, in particular Prof. Kreutz, Prof. Sahinbas, Prof. Drevs, Dr. Hager, Dr. Lim, Prof. Trogisch, Dr. Douwes, Dr. Weber, Dr. Ladeinde and many other have created the Matryx Cancer Concept, a treatment model with the following key features:

1. Holistic Approach:
The concept concentrate on defines 6 levels of disturbance which are then treated up to their complete eradication. It is a holistic approach and not a singular approach as in conventional medicine.

2. Single Effects of the Therapy Modules:
The concept contains eight Key-Therapy-Modules each tailored to treat and finally eradicate one of the disturbances or problems defined in the 6 levels of disturbances.

3. Synergetic Effects of the Therapy Modules:
A cumulative effect results from the synergy created through combining different therapies. This is naturally reflected in the structure of the treatment program.

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