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Amygdalin & Artesunate Infusion

Amygdalin-B17 is used in infusion therapies and in natural chemotherapies

Amygdalin, Laetrile or B17 is a natural substance, which can be found in apricot stones, but B17 is also present in stones from peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums or apples and is also present in buckwheat, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower or cashew nuts.

From a chemical point of view, B17 consists of one molecule benzaldehyde (which is a painkiller) and one molecule hydrogen cyanide (cyanhydric acid).

Healthy cells are not affected by this process as they contain an enzyme called Rhodanese. The Rhodanese enzyme can convert cyanhydric acid (present within B17) into thiocyanate. Thiocyanate has positive effects on the organism as thiocyanate lowers the blood pressure and is a substance which the organism uses to produce the nerve nutrition B12.

Benzaldehyde (present within B17) is transformed within healthy cells with the help of oxygen into the painkiller benzoic acid.

The characteristics of B17 lead to the conclusion that B17 can be seen as nutrition for healthy cells and a poison for cancer cells. As the therapy is adopted to the natural regulation of our metabolism, it can be seen as a "natural chemo therapy".

Artesunate Infusion

From the leaves and flowers of the mugwort or wormwood plant (lat. Artemisia Annua) Artesunate we have gained control and management of unpleasant side effects and can be well applied to the patient. Artesunate is effective against all types of tumors.

Current research at the University of Heidelberg have shown that positive Results in reduction in tumor size were confirmed in the field of cancer treatment by Artesunsate in breast cancer cells. Compared to healthy intact cells targeted, Artesunate showed results in the cancer cells. For the mechanism of action of the degenerate Artesunates in cancer cells, the increased iron content in the cancer cells is responsible.

Cancer cells require iron for their permanent cell division and have a corresponding number of receptors for increased iron absorption. It is essential, however, to avoid taking any iron or even iron infusions because iron can strongly stimulate tumor growth. The alleged lack of iron in the blood is often a failure distribution, since the iron is mostly localized in the tumor cells or to the sites of inflammation. At other blood values we can read this mechanism and decide whether Artesunate is the appropriate treatment for our patients.

Artesunate builds iron into toxic oxygen radicals that destroy (poison) the cancer cells. Artesunate has a further impact on the growth of cancerous tumors. It prevents the formation of new blood vessels, thereby affecting the energy supply to the cancer cells and may prevent the tumor to form new metastases.

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